October Turns 2018/19!

It’s always exciting to nab the first turns of the year. Often it’s September or October, when a potent storm dumps just enough snow to make imagination start to run wild. Today, October 14th was our first day of Montana skiing in the 2018/19 season, and as predicted: skiing is still the best thing ever! We headed over to the Tobacco Root Range, where we’ve already set up Bell Lake Yurt for the season, and sampled the bounty of the last couple storms. The skies were blue, the company was great, and those first turns? Well, lets just say we can’t wait to make a few thousand more over the next eight months. The pictures say it all. Happy autumn… and bring on winter!

Note: This is the first post of our new Breaking Trail blog. We’ll be posting Big Sky Backcountry Guides and Bell Lake Yurt updates, fun stories, interviews, and (of course) pictures and video from our ski and snowboard adventures in southwest Montana, Yellowstone National Park, and across the globe (we’re SO excited to be heading back to Senja, Norway this March!). Thanks for reading, and we invite you to join us for some guided powder skiing, avalanche education, a yurt trip, or other backcountry adventure!